Das Lieblingskino auf dem Fernseher, dem Smartphone, dem Tablet oder dem Computer: Mit Kino on Demand bieten Kinos neben dem regulären Kinoprogramm Filme für zu Hause. Dazu gehören aktuelle Filme, die nicht mehr im Kino gezeigt werden, Klassiker, Publikumslieblinge oder Werkschauen großer Regisseure.

Die Filme werden direkt auf der Webseite der Kinos angeboten – in einem Video On Demand-Shop, der exakt an den Look und die CI des Kinos angepasst ist. So wird jedes Kino zum Rundum-Filmanbieter.


LA TOILE is an innovative service allowing the cinemas to propose their spectators a Premium VOD offer on their own website, in the respect for the chronology of the media.

Cinemas are, since the origin, the direct and traditional contact of the spectator with films; they are most straight to extend this relation by proposing a rich on-line and quality programming to their spectators on line. We are happy to do that for them.

We open the VOD market to the cinema theaters offering them an additional online screen. For the theaters, LA TOILE is a new source of income on the Internet as well as a new tool of development of customer loyalty.


Contact : Joséphine Létang – CEO


PICL: the online screening room for arthouse cinemas in the Netherlands

Bringing your arthouse cinema into your living room

* Discover cinema
We work directly with Dutch cinemas who have selected the most exceptional, award-winning, quality films: just for you.

* Don’t miss a thing
We offer you films that are screening in the cinemas right now. The latest arthouse films, straight away on your own screen at home. So you don’t need to miss a thing!

* Your way
It’s really simple: transform your home into a personal cinema with just a few clicks. Whenever its suits you.

With Picl, arthouse cinemas can offer their local audiences a personal, hand-picked selection of new films for home viewing through Video on Demand. In their own online screening rooms, on their own websites. Bringing larger audiences to European arthouse films and documentaries by offering these films both offline and online through the most natural, trusted platform that already exists for these films: the cinema.

For professionals (in English): www.picl.nl/pro

Picl is a project of Stichting Nederlandse Filmpromotie, initiated by Herrie Film & TV.

CEO: Anke van Diejen & Noortje van de Sande
Project Management: Genice Braamse

info@picl.nl | + 31 20 4868212


logo nettkino (1)

It’s a logical proposition that audiences turn to cinemas to catch up on fresh films online

Nettkino is a “catch-up cinema” service (pay-per-view) where cinemas offer a curated selection of fresh films to the audience.

To many critically acclaimed films a modest number of admissions during the first week means that the film will only play for a very limited time in cinemas. The result is a “black window” where the audience cannot see the movie anywhere until it becomes available on VOD services or DVD several months later. This is a contributing factor to the popularity of pirate sites.

Film promotion specialist Kulturmeglerne has initiated this project and invited Norwegian cinemas and distributors to collaborate. The project aims to test how such a service will affect cinema admissions. The Nettkino service will be accessed through the national portal nettkino.no. Here, and only here, the audience will be offered a curated selection of fresh Norwegian and international quality movies (pay-per-view).

The platform has been developed by DVnor with security systems by Conax, a part of the Kudelski Group.

This pilot project represents a good-faith attempt to find a sustainable solution to the benefit of filmmakers, cinemas and the wider public. The aim is that Nettkino will be a complimentary service and in no way a substitute for going to the cinema.


Elisabeth O. Sjaastad – CEO
Contact: post@nettkino.no