Showcase: Cinema goes VOD at Cannes


At the Cannes International Film Festival all ECVI members presented their latest activities during a showcase at Creative Media Stand: Philipp Hoffmann for Kino on Demand, Joséphine Létang for La Toile and Anke van Diejen and Noortje van de Sande for Picl. Mark Drenth, head of film & Theater at Concordia Film was invited to elaborate about his experiences using Picl at … Read More

Picl launches new cinema trailer


We are very pround to present our new trailer. Now playing at all participating cinemas across the Netherlands. Concept: Grrr – Digital creative agency for design, branding and innovatie. Animation: Wim Dijksterhuis Post production: Filmmore 

New interface for Kino on demand

Kino on DemandNews

A new allround-update of Kino on Demand improves the backend interface for all participating cinemas. Now it’s easier than ever before for participating cinema owners to curate an attractive Video on Demand program with Kino on Demand. An easy to use backend displays every film a cinema can make available within its shop. With just one click the film can … Read More