Picl secures revenues for cinemas and festivals during lockdown

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Over the course of the last two weeks, the number of participating cinemas grew from 23 to 31, with a few more currently on the waiting list. The initiative now covers almost 90% of Dutch independent cinemas and has sold ten times more tickets than last month. Picl has been organizing day and date releases since it was founded in … Read More

KINO ON DEMAND brings users back to the cinemas

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Since the beginning of April the engagement between “Kino on Demand” and Cinemas becomes even tighter. Users of “Kino on Demand” will receive a voucher worth five euros for every five films viewed, which can be redeemed the next time they are going to watching a film in one of the participating cinemas. The Exhibitors feedback is largy positiv since … Read More

LA TOILE reaches more than 50 cinemas

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Launched in September 2017, LA TOILE reaches 56 cinemas in April 2019 for 25 VOD platforms created. LA TOILE adventure grows fast, includes cinemas from major cities as Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, Marseille but also smaller cities as Angers, Nancy, Dinard, Dunkerque. LA TOILE is also present in very small towns as Cucuron, St Chély d’Apcher, Frontignan. The major goal of … Read More

How can we adapt digital market to cinemas ? – GPCI Conference

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Thursday the 04th of April, during the GPCI annual convention, Joséphine Létang, CEO of LA TOILE, was moderating a conference about digital market and cinemas. Around the table : French national center for cinema (CNC), the distributor Apollo Films, Cinego.net, the Indepedent Cinemas union (SCARE) and a cinema’s director based in south of France. This conference happened few days after … Read More

Dutch film Industry supports Picl


2018 was a good year for Picl! Together with 20 cinemas, we have put the Dutch and European arthouse film on display. And with success: the number of views has almost doubled! While Picl’s first year was mainly about building and researching, 2018 was the year in which we finally won the trust of the industry. For example, more and … Read More

Picl views have doubled in 2nd year


In 2018 – the second year Picl is active in the Netherlands – the views for the platform that connects cinemas and VOD have doubled. Most interesting is that in 2018, also the independent cinemas attract remarkably more visitors. The medium and small movie theaters that focus on more artistic films have had an excellent year. They attracted nearly 3 million visitors … Read More

Picl wins European Design Award


At the European Design Awards on June 2th in Oslo, Picl – and their creative Agency Grrr – won a European Design Award in the important category digital identity and website. More information… 

ECVI presentation for Nettkino partners Oslo

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All ECVI members presented their findings and experiences for Nettkino partners, cinemas and distributors in Oslo, Norway on May 29th 2018. Celebrating the 20st birthday of cultural agency Kulturmeglerne, all ECVI partners were invited to join a day full of inspiration and exchange of experiences and ideas. The day started with presentations about innovation in the cultural sector, where Picl was presenting facts, … Read More

Very succesful 1st year of Picl


The first year of Picl is a fact! We are incredibly proud of what is now a new, additional distribution model for arthouse films that is unique and fully supported by the Dutch film industry. And not only that; arthouse lovers now have easier access to Dutch and European quality films and know to find them on Picl. Picl was … Read More

Cinema meets VOD at Europa Cinemas Conference


Joséphine Létang, Anke van Diejen and Noortje van de Sande, presented their findings with La Toile and Picl at the recent Europa Cinemas conference to an audience of interested independent cinemas. They presented promising first results, enthusiastic participating cinemas and  talked about cinemas in the 21st century, extending the life cycle of films, revenue share and most important: keeping your audience … Read More